Here you find English articles related to the solidarity campaign against the „foreign agent“ persecution of NGOs in Russia. As this is a basically German campaign we can‘t provide every text in English, and updates sometimes might need some time. However, we try our best to provide you with the most important information in English here.

Two solidarity campaigns have been started to support NGOs affected by the latest persecution under the „foreign agent“ law in Russia. In Germany a campaign informs about the repression and political background, collects donations for the affected groups, spreads the word about concrete cases and activates groups to express their solidarity. Currently they focus on the persecution of „Humanistic Youth Movement“ (GDM) and the already as „foreign agent“ declaredEcodefense“. Additionally an international solidarity campaign has been initiated by anti-nuclear activists demanding Ecodefense’s acquittal of the „foreign agent“ stigmatization in a multi-lingual appeal.

Since some time progressive Russian groups and activists are under oppression by the state’s authorities1. With the „foreign agent“ and „extremism“2 laws instruments have been created to suppress and eliminate organizations and movements being critical to the state, but also any others bothering the political powers3,2,4,5. In this context legal organizations de facto get prohibited if they are classified „foreign agents“, because under these circumstances the continuation of work is almost impossible. With vague accusations of extremism even individuals who made critical statements were threatened with perennial imprisonment and virtually vanished into thin air. Environmental and human rights groups as well as other progressive organizations shall be stigmatized spies6 and discredited publicly1.

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