EcodefenseThe environmental organization „Ecodefense“ based in Kaliningrad already last year experienced the persecution of the „foreign agent“ legislation through the local prosecution1,5: „We should not interfere to the work of government of any level, we should not make petitions or influence decision-makers in any way. Otherwise, it will be treated as ‚political activities‘ with fines/closure2, etc.“ – „Actually, getting such compliment from Russian authorities is nice, definitely makes us proud, but we do not want to leave the party yet. Since we were warned, we did couple of ‚interferences‘ and been lucky so far, getting no serious punishment.“2

Ecodefense is partner organization of citizen’s initiatives in Germany campaigning against nuclear transports and was involved to a campaign against uranium and nuclear waste transports to Russia. Russian and German activists together enforced the stop of uraniumhexafluoride transports from the Gronau uranium enrichment facility (UAA) to several Russian interim repositories in the open3. Last summer Ecodefense and ten human rights organizations submitted a complaint against the „foreign agent“ regulation to the European Court of Human Rights.2,4


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