On December 5, 2014 another court hearing will take place in Ecodefense’s complaint against a 6,000 EUR fine based on the „foreign agent“ law. Ecodefense argues the fine is illegal as the organization is no foreign agent. However, obviously the government has another opinion, and there is hardly a chance for Ecodefense to change that.

Thus, Ecodefense assumes the fine to come into force. For this case the organization announced to refuse to pay the money. Representatives of the environmental group emanates the Ministry of Justice to make this the reason for closing the organization down.

Additionally, the Ministry of Justice already on November 19, 2014 started another case against Ecodefense as they refused to report their activities under the „foreign agent“ law. Probably Ecodefense will be faced to an additional fine of 7,000-8,000 EUR. The dates of the trial haven‘t been released yet, but it could happen at any point in December.1

It is important to remind that Ecodefense has been particularly prosecuted because of their successful campaign against the proposed Baltic NPP near Kaliningrad. For many years Ecodefense has been an important cooperation partner of the German anti-nuclear movement in Russia – together for instance the transports of uranium waste from the Gronau uranium enrichment facility to Russia had been stopped.


  1. Ecodefense update via e-mail as of December 4, 2014 [back]