During the appeal proceedings against the first-instance verdict GDM supplied all evidence against the „foreign agent“ accusation, refuted the latest court expertise and faulted procedural errors. Judge and the counsel for the prosecution were objected to on grounds of suspected bias, the latter because they couldn‘t produce competence. – Both claims remained without success. The prosecutor only uttered a few sentences, basically just contradicted GDM’s argumentation claiming it to be founded on wrong understanding on law.2 The decision was postponed to February 11, because after all eventually the court wanted to hear the Ministry of Justice again and had requested more documents from the prosecutor’s office1.

In the end Humanistic Youth Movement was convicted for acting as a „foreign agent“ – now becoming final. As a consequence of the judgement now GDM would have to register themselves with the Ministry of Justice as a „foreign agent“3. Should they do it, the organization would probably be stigmatized forever, because the Russian „foreign agent“ law provide a procedure to sign out a once registrated organization from the „foreign agent“ register – even if the grounds for the classification (reception of foreign support and „political“ activities) wouldn‘t exist any more. GDM rather will disband themselves than to continue their work with such stigmatization3.

But before a last GDM event will take place, again in cooperation with the Leipzig based „AG Russland“: The 4th Kronstadt conference „Migration and movement – to all directions – 100 years Murmansk“ will take place in the north Russian city from April 3-7, 2015. Future events can‘t be organized under the label of the registered Russian organization any more.

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