Evidence suggests that with „Green World“ from Sosnovy Bor/St. Petersburg another group some of us cooperated with for years is now targeted under the „foreign agent“ legislation.1 Prominent member of the group is Oleg Bodrov, an expert on the ecological impacts of nuclear and other industries on the Baltic Sea region. In 2010 he was one of the speakers in the St. Petersburg press conference of the „Baltic Sea Info Tour“. His group repeatedly contributed articles on nuclear issues in the region to the international anti-nuclear community.

Green world has its main office in Sosnovy Bor, 40 km west of St. Petersburg’s city limits. Sosnovy Bor is the site of the „Leningrad NPP“, nuclear submarines and large amounts of radioactive waste including spent fuel. Previously the region was a closed nuclear area, which was opened at least for Russian citizens in 2013.2

In the middle of August 2013 already a second inspection of Green World took place in the context of the „foreign agent“ legislation after nationwide prosecution’s NGO investigations in March of the same year were carried out. However, this time it was requested by the company „Ecomet-S“ – who collects and cleans radioactive metals from the European part of Russia and melts them to new metal products to be put on the market without any labeling. Green World had several times denounced the illegal activities of the company to Russian and international media, because they had started the operation against the law without environmental impact assessment.2

According to information from Sosnovy Bor city administration in the beginning of February a letter from the St. Petersburg office of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Justice arrived starting an investigation on the „political activitity“ of Green World. The administration was asked to provide information on this topic. Earlier a colleague with the organization „Za Prirodu“ from Chelyabinsk had informed Green World that the ministry had started an unscheduled investigation of their group. In 2014 both groups performed mutual activities on the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. Now they assume the synchronized inspection of both organizations is result of these activities, and that they are targeted to become classified as „foreign agents“.2

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