In the end of October/beginning of November a series of information events on repression in Russia, particularly the persecution of organizations as „Foreign Agents“, will take place with a Humanistic Youth Movement member from Murmansk. Info evenings will take place in Berlin (19/10/14 at 7 PM – NFJ-Büro, Weichselstr. 13/14), Hamburg (24/10/14 at 7 PM – LIZ, Fettstr. 23), Braunschweig (30/10/14 at 8 PM – Nexus, Frankfurterstr. 253), Leipzig (3/11/14 at 7 PM – B12, Braustr. 20) and Potsdam (5/11/14 – Projekthaus).

Who is a real spy?

From 2012 (when Putin 3rd time started to be a president) there was a wave of repressions started in Russia. «New» government attack freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and other rights. There is a threat to critical and progressive Russian NGOs nowadays by law that force them to be registered as «foreign agent».

  • What does it mean to be a foreign agent in Russia? And who could it be?
  • Victims of the law and why it’s absurd.
  • How to go out from this list?
  • What does Putin affraid of?
  • How you can support NGOs in Russia?