Yesterday, July 7, 2014 several organizations from Germany and from other countries expressed their solidarity with the Murmansk human rights organization „Humanistic Youth Movement“ (GDM) who are accused to be a „foreign agent“. On the occasion of today’s public main hearing in the trial against GDM the Lower Saxony Youth Environmental Network JANUN published an own press release. Besides, a call for solidarity for GDM and other Russian NGOs persecuted with the „foreign agent“ legislation signed by more than 60 (update: by now 90) German and international organizations was given to media. Rote Hilfe also published a solidarity statement and addressed the media. Today there was another solidarity press release by Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Dannenberg as well as an international solidarity statement out of the Nuclear Heritage Network released in thirteen languages (BY | EN | FI | FR | GR | LV | NL | PL | PT | RU | SI | UA).

In today’s1 trial witnesses of the prosecution shall be heard, and a scientific counter-expertise to the linguistic study submitted by FSB as evidence for the supposed danger of the human rights organization shall be introduced to the process. After last „preliminary court session“ on June 16 the Ministry of Justice, responsible for the „foreign agent“ register, surprisingly for the persection submitted a statement objecting the prosecution, with this trial for the first time a real chance arises that a NGO accused of being „foreign agent“ could win the case. Possibly there will be a a rendition of judgment already on Tuesday.

We will continue to collect solidarity expressions with the call for solidarity online. Groups willing to sign it (English version here) please write an e-mail to „soli-kampagne [ätt]“.

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