The trial on June 16, 2014 unheralded was kept non-public, after several supporters had shown up on site waiting for the process scheduled for 10.30 AM. Officially this was called a „preliminary court session“ – although not fitting to the announcement. Thus, only the directly involved parties were allowed to participate – the court, prosecution, chairperson of GDM and their legal adviser. The public was excluded, including the vice chairperson, who had no official function in the trial.

Interesting was the process of this closed trial. GDM presented their point of view and filed motions to take evidence. A written statement of the Ministry of Justice was plead in court confirming their opinion that contrary to the prosecutions stance the criteria for a „foreign agent“ activity wouldn‘t be met. They also expressed doubts in the presented FSB expertise. This seems to be unique, that the Russian Ministry of Justice in court takes a stance against a classification as „foreign agent“ – human rights observers said this never happened before.

Accordingly unsettled the prosecution reacted and requested time to revise their positions. The meeting was adjourned to 8th of July 3.30 PM. This session was assured of being the public hearing then. Moreover, the prosecution was requested to summon the expert of the study in question as witness. Those promised to do their best, but were not sure to be able to find „their expert“ as in the meantime she wouldn‘t work for her employer any more, and they wouldn‘t know where she sojourns now… – Sounds interesting, doesn‘t it?

In any case on July 8 it will continue. Then with a counter-expertise, possibly with the witness of the persecution – and supposably with a judgment. This will decide about the future of the organization, because a classification as „foreign agent“ would equal a ban.